Monday, February 1, 2010

February Fun with the Kids

Liam's newest 2/2010 things:
  • He still LOVES his sister and helps out with her a lot
  • So I am here on Diaperswappers and out comes Liam out of his room saying I don't want to nap. I play it cool asking him how he got out and putting him back in explaining that only mamma and papa get you out of the crib. I put him back in rub his back and I think he will nap now!
    The crib that is in the basement converts to a toddler bed, we might need to switch the cribs!
    I asked him how he did it and this was the response "it's easy mama i put my foot up here swing my bum and jump out" Well we tried the toddler bed but we don't have enough room to store his crib so back in the crib he goes :)
  • newest phrase is "you wanna come (play in my room, share my snack, eat with me etc.)
  • Funnies thing was "Mommy I go to store with Papa, Papa get beer, I get lollipop. I no get beer, beer yucky I little I get lollipop, makes me so happy, papa get beer, make him so happy" Ah from the mouth of a 2 year old!
  • Starting to try the potty
Emma 2/2010
  • Emma has her first little cold :( But she is still smiling away when being held. She is still fussy but we love her :)

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