Saturday, December 18, 2010


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Liam has adjusted great to the new school and even though he clings to me when I drop him off I know he loves it. He has met a few friends to attend the library storytime with. He's done well at church play drop off and the MOPS drop off. He LOVE LOVE LOVES the fact that we live near the John Deere store and I think they might be wondering when we are going to stop by!

Emma is also adjusting to NE living. She has been going to the same place Liam goes to for school for daycare while I head to the gym. She is a little social thing, always smiling and drooling. She is into everything and sure has a little personality to go along with her cuteness.

Sidney Month One

It's been a month since we've been in Sidney. Do I still miss the city, YES and NO
I miss
  • having my support system of Mama's and my choices of Targets to run to. 
  • Running outside (which I can do here, just not sure if the dirt roads are "safe" to run along)
  • Museums, the cafe's, starbucks, and the Aquarium
  • Riding the train, and the tourists in the city
  • The quintessential New England towns that I can never afford but dream I can.
  • Impromptu play-dates and a plethora of Mama's to call on ( I posted on a MOPS board about having people over for a kids craft playdate and no one responded)...I miss having friends
I don't miss
  • Being the only English speaking person in the store, neighborhood, phone etc.
  • The garbage and disrespect of the people in the city and their VULGAR language
  • Car alarms, drag racing, and emergency sirens during the day and into the night
  • Lack of outdoor and indoor space
  • Fighting for a parking spot or fighting parking tickets!
What I love so far
  • Local coffee shop
  • Meeting people who know you or have seen your kids somewhere in town
  • Tons of outdoor space
  • A garage
  • The genuine pleasantness of people
  • The willingness of people to embrase you and make you feel comfortable (The golden rule is still alive, and it is alive in Sidney)
  • The sense of community and togetherness during the holiday season
  • A great children's library with a wonderful librarian