Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ok pregnancy is something you either love or hate..
Me, I LOVE it, I feel great during them, I don't have any crazy complications, I continue to run through them and my body bounces somewhat back..well for the most part.
My issue is, everyone in cluding muyself posts belly pictures and loves the big round belly, however after the baby there are no post partum bellu pictures, andf I ask why?? The women's body is amazing and why should we not celebrate the transformation motherhood has on a body as well as pregnancy..So I am going to create post baby belly pictures as well as the pregnancy belly update pictures.


I went for my first post pregnancy run today. I ran the Tuesday before I gave birth and haven't run since then, and that was about 2 months ago. The run felt ok but still not what I use to do. It was actually kind of weird running alone, meaning no child in utero or in a jogging stroller, just me alone. I kind of missed the little nugget in there enjoying my runs with me but not really having to take care of him/her yet, bittersweet I guess. I really miss being pregnant but I'm not sure I want more kids. In my ideal mothering career I would love more kids, you know if they played quietly in our larger spacious child friendly playroom while our dog sat outside in our fenced in yard and relaxed, but alas we live in a tiny condo in the city with the dog and 2 kids and nothing about it is child friendly or child proofed, but alas that is my life. And it is a good one let me say..


So I have decided to keep a blogg instead of a journal to capture my trials and tribulations as a SAHM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who the media will exploit for a $

So we went to see a screening of Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood seeing it made me realize the job/career of a parent is an amazing one and one that takes a lot more than just hanging out with your kids and tagging them along with you where ever you go, it means sheltering them, providing them with the innocence of childhood and protecting them form the evil media world we live in!
It was an amazing documentary of how the media and our society is corrupting and ruining children's childhoods. There is no imagination and outdoor play anymore, there are toys that are your imagination and tell you what to play and how to play it. There are video games that give you the outdoor childhood fun and the social skills almost all kids have lost. It's the respect of people and the enjoyment of life we need to give back to our children and I myself as a SAHM need to remember that and provide that to my children. Money does not buy happiness or power, or respect, however children and the media market towards them is a billion dollar market, and where are these kids getting the money?? Their parents who are in debt just to give their kids what they want and to make them happy, we need to remember money does not = happy and material items do NOT = happy. The media is killing our kids!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flying Solo with the kids

So Emma had her first flight at just over a month. I took both kids to Florida to see my family and Paul met us there later. We went to my sister's shower and both kids were great and I survived the solo trip with them both :) thankfully they both slept!
From 118_0202_Florida

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Fun with the Kids

Liam's newest 2/2010 things:
  • He still LOVES his sister and helps out with her a lot
  • So I am here on Diaperswappers and out comes Liam out of his room saying I don't want to nap. I play it cool asking him how he got out and putting him back in explaining that only mamma and papa get you out of the crib. I put him back in rub his back and I think he will nap now!
    The crib that is in the basement converts to a toddler bed, we might need to switch the cribs!
    I asked him how he did it and this was the response "it's easy mama i put my foot up here swing my bum and jump out" Well we tried the toddler bed but we don't have enough room to store his crib so back in the crib he goes :)
  • newest phrase is "you wanna come (play in my room, share my snack, eat with me etc.)
  • Funnies thing was "Mommy I go to store with Papa, Papa get beer, I get lollipop. I no get beer, beer yucky I little I get lollipop, makes me so happy, papa get beer, make him so happy" Ah from the mouth of a 2 year old!
  • Starting to try the potty
Emma 2/2010
  • Emma has her first little cold :( But she is still smiling away when being held. She is still fussy but we love her :)