Cloth Diapering

So now that I'm cloth diapering #4 a little over 9 years later a few things have changed. 
I still love my prefolds and covers for the newborn stage. Most of the covers from Liam lasted through all the kids. My bummis, pro wraps, Nd thirsties covers stood the time of storage, heat and abuse 😊  I sold most of my prefolds since they are bulky and used for such a short time, so I needed to add those to my purchasing list. A lot of my original bumgenius pockets were worn out by the time #4 came along, but the ones purchased for Emma made it through her, Julia and now onto Rye. 
I had purchased some ALVA baby pockets for Emma and Julia that are still going strong as well as some new ones for Rye. They are cheap, but well made and seem like a great alternative to pricey Bumgenius. Sadly most of the Joey bunz hemp inserts fell apart 😩 I have mostly thirsties hemp and thirties duo hemp/microfiber. I still use a dry pail, cloth wipes and thankfully I've been able to use some hemp fitteds with covers and a fleece liner for overnight. 

When I say I cloth diaper the first thing people ask is "oh what do you do with the poop?" So I figured I would write about storing your diapers...
Storing Dirty Diapers

Dry Pail Method
This is the method that we've used from the start with our diapers. It's the easiest method and works great for us. If you are having any odor issues with this method, you can simply sprinkle baking soda (even with essential oils)
1) Remove solids from diaper (which should be done with disposables too!). If you are exclusively breastfeeding, you don't need to remove any poo since it's water soluble. Seriously, just throw the diaper into the pail or bag.

2) Throw the diaper into the pail or bag. We use a Large ALVA wet bag with drawstring and just throw that right in the wash with the diapers so that it's clean each time.

3) When you're ready to wash, just dump the diapers and wet bags into the washer!

Liam's Stash
All BumGenius 3.0 One Size
We have been using these since he was about 4 months, I've sold all the microfiber inserts that come with them and replaced them all with either HuggaBuns or BabyKicks Joey-Bunz Premium
hemp inserts.

 Emma's Stash
Mostly Fitteds, a few AIO's and Pockets

So when I first decided to cloth diaper Liam I was so confused, there seemed to be SO many options and brands, and I tried so many types, styles and brands till I finally found what works for me. I purchased a bunch of used aka cheap stuff off of
  • Fitteds, which required a cover were great and cute but you are buying 2 items and in turn putting 2 items on a wiggly toddler. Not for me for the older crew. I use them on Emma now because of the frequency of changes and the fact that fitteds are less expensive than pockets and I can use the covers for about 3-4 changes before they need washing. I have found that BumGenius Bamboo and Thirsties are my favorite fitteds and Thirsties and Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Brites are my favorite covers (They also are great for the first few weeks in prefolds because they hold in the poo and you can tuck in the diaper at the top) Another cover that is great is Prowrap Classics. These are CHEAP, have gusseted legs (holding in poo) and are a great fit, on the downsize, they do not have laundry tabs, no area to tuck in the diaper and only come in white, but they are a workhorse!
  • All in One's (AIO's) These are a complete diaper one part, you put it on you take it off wash it and put it back on again! These are super convenient but are also on the more expensive side, are harder to clean and take longer to dry. If you have a front loader HE washer these will be VERY hard to clean. I have a few Thirsties AIO's for Emma which are great for the diaper bag when we are out but again are very hard to get fully cleaned because of our front loading washer. BumGenius also makes these and they have a a special open sewn soaker on the top so they dry faster. These come in both One Size and sized
  • Pocket are my all time favorite diaper and One Size ones! My BumGenius 3.0 One Size's are my favorite diaper and all that I use on Liam and all I plan to use on Emma once she fits into them a little better. I tried FuzziBunz which everyone raves about but at the time they didn't have One Size, only sized ones. They leaked a lot on me, and didn't have velcro which I love. I seem to get a great fit with velcro closure and snaps just don't work for me. I also tried Happy Heiny which is One Size and Velcro but again I had leaks and just couldn't get a good fit.
  • For Inserts I have tried a lot of things from the microfiber ones that come with most diapers to old shirts and towels and I have come to love hemp. I have mostly HuggaBunz trifold hemp inserts which wash, rinse and dry great and BabyKicks Joey-Bunz Premiums which are even better (no folding and stitched at one end to make drying super fast!) The microfiber for me got a stink to them from not getting rinsed properly in our front loader so over to hemp I switched and haven't looked back!
For BumGenius products I go to, they have a great seconds and clearance area, wonderful customer service and super fast shipping! I have purchased my BG 3.0's for Liam from them as well as some BG Bamboo fitteds for Emma

Everything Else I get on used and have seem to be able to sell everything that hasn't worked for me for almost what I paid for it!