Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Little People

Liam is 3 years 9 months and is as crazy as every!
Hi preschool ends this Thursday and I am scrambling to find summer activities for him to do. I think I will enroll him in "camp" for 2 half days at his preschool and depending on where we are (Boston or Nebraska) he will have swimming lessons in July.
He is my emotional, freaking out at the drop of a dime. His latest battle is underwear. We have now started buying size 6/7 for our 3 year old and they still "hurt his penis" every day is a battle about the underwear choice and it sometimes leads to screaming, kicking, hitting, and a 30 minute ordeal. I threaten to take him to the Dr. but nothing works short of putting him in his room and telling him he can't come out till he has underwear on. Sometimes this backfires though when he needs to leave to get to school or daycare on time.
He knows all his colors and can count up to 20. He's started to really use his imagination to create stories or scenarios. I think this is from the interaction with the other 2 boys at daycare.

Emma is 1 year 5 months and is a spit fire!
She will climb on anything and everything and wants to do and eat and say everything her brother does. She is big into covering up her babies and putting them to sleep or laying something down on the floor and snuggling up to it. She enjoys the itsy bitsy spider and will do the hand movements and this little piggy went to market and will ask for wee wee wee. She can say Papple for apple, B, me, up, mo for more, bubble, Mommy, Papa, and NO. She will sign please, thank you, bath, milk, diaper change, all done, eat, sleep and book. She will eat almost anything and eats with a fork and spoon and drinks milk out of a sippy cup. Her 3 1 year molars have popped through and the bottom left is stubbornly on it's way. She knows her belly, belly button, hair, eyes, feet, arms, hands, and legs. 

Vasa Previa and the Bed Rest Blues

Tuesday April 19th I woke up got ready for a run and had some bleeding and contractions, I called the Dr. and she said to come in and they would do the 20 week ultrasound today instead of next week. The baby looked fine however some placenta and cord issues were identified. I was diagnosed with Vasa Previa and Velamentous Insertion of the Umbilical Cord. They will see me again May 17th for another Ultrasound and to check on the baby. In the mean time I am on bed rest until the next ultrasound and it SUCKS, only allowed to get up to pee and a 5 min shower every couple of days!
There are some good points, such as the kids are in daycare full time so I am all alone all day every day to read, rest and watch trash TV but seriously after a few weeks it really stinks.
The first 10 days we had my Mother In Law here to care for the kids and help Paul out with the household chores. It worked out well but Liam was having some issues adjusting to not only the Nebraska move but now Mom in bed and Nana here to rule the roost.
I've been very lucky to have Paul come home at lunch, and friends visit daily. We have had meals delivered from MOPS which has been a GREAT help, but seriously nothing can take away the fear, unknown and boredom of bed rest.
So far I have
  • Read the first 2 Stephanie Plum series books
  • Caught up on Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • Caught up on the Real World
  • Started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager
  • Reinstalled Vista on my computer
  • Read Redeeming Love
  • Wrote thank you notes
  • Done a ton of crosswords and word games
  • Knitted the baby a sweater and hat
  • Played online Solitaire and Scrabble
Bed Rest has made me thankful for
  • A WONDERFUL husband who has taken care of everything, including me, our children, the dog, our house, all the cleaning, meals, etc. I am truly a blessed woman and I married the right man!
  • The support of my family and friends
  • The MOPS group here in Sidney Nebraska. Every day I have had a visitor drop by and people call to check on me.
  • MOPS meals! We have had meals delivered almost every night by wonderful Mama's
  • The support of my Bitchin Mama's from far away!
  • Day Care and how affordable and flexible it is here, allowing me to enroll both my children full time at a minutes notice!