Thursday, December 8, 2011

Starting back up again

So I rejoined the gym and let me tell you after being on bedrest then the 6-10 weeks postpartum I took off, I am OUT of shape and my darn hamstrings/hips are acting up again. I'm trying to go 3x a week and so far this week was 3 for 3. Hopefully along with the new meds and some exercise I will be back to feeling like y old self.

The ongoing battle, SAHM vs WM

As Moms we are to be: Nurse, Chauffeur, Chef, Dentist, DJ, Fashion Director, Janitor, Launderer, Banker, Dietician, Personal Shopper, Photographer, Plumber, Caregiver, Maid, Cheerleader, Counselor, Storyteller, Teacher, Exterminator, Coach, Negotiator… The list is endless. So why is it that SAHM's, and mom's who get paid to work outside the home can't support each other?!?!?