Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who the media will exploit for a $

So we went to see a screening of Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood seeing it made me realize the job/career of a parent is an amazing one and one that takes a lot more than just hanging out with your kids and tagging them along with you where ever you go, it means sheltering them, providing them with the innocence of childhood and protecting them form the evil media world we live in!
It was an amazing documentary of how the media and our society is corrupting and ruining children's childhoods. There is no imagination and outdoor play anymore, there are toys that are your imagination and tell you what to play and how to play it. There are video games that give you the outdoor childhood fun and the social skills almost all kids have lost. It's the respect of people and the enjoyment of life we need to give back to our children and I myself as a SAHM need to remember that and provide that to my children. Money does not buy happiness or power, or respect, however children and the media market towards them is a billion dollar market, and where are these kids getting the money?? Their parents who are in debt just to give their kids what they want and to make them happy, we need to remember money does not = happy and material items do NOT = happy. The media is killing our kids!

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