Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sidney Month One

It's been a month since we've been in Sidney. Do I still miss the city, YES and NO
I miss
  • having my support system of Mama's and my choices of Targets to run to. 
  • Running outside (which I can do here, just not sure if the dirt roads are "safe" to run along)
  • Museums, the cafe's, starbucks, and the Aquarium
  • Riding the train, and the tourists in the city
  • The quintessential New England towns that I can never afford but dream I can.
  • Impromptu play-dates and a plethora of Mama's to call on ( I posted on a MOPS board about having people over for a kids craft playdate and no one responded)...I miss having friends
I don't miss
  • Being the only English speaking person in the store, neighborhood, phone etc.
  • The garbage and disrespect of the people in the city and their VULGAR language
  • Car alarms, drag racing, and emergency sirens during the day and into the night
  • Lack of outdoor and indoor space
  • Fighting for a parking spot or fighting parking tickets!
What I love so far
  • Local coffee shop
  • Meeting people who know you or have seen your kids somewhere in town
  • Tons of outdoor space
  • A garage
  • The genuine pleasantness of people
  • The willingness of people to embrase you and make you feel comfortable (The golden rule is still alive, and it is alive in Sidney)
  • The sense of community and togetherness during the holiday season
  • A great children's library with a wonderful librarian

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