Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ditching Nebraska!

So I am trying to find a way to run around here and our street is a dead end street so in lieu of runnng up and down the street a million times like a lunatic I decided to see what else there was. There are two ways to Paul's office, one a paved road, the other a bumpy dirt road. Well Paul tells me that if you turn the opposite way on the dirt road it may go to Cabelas, so on my way home from his office I decided to take it. Now it just snowed here and I couldn't figure out why things closed and why everyone has a BIG truck or SUV...
I shall soon find out.
We go the other way down the dirt road and Emma starts to nod off so I say forget this we will just go home and do it another day (we have many days left!) There really isn't enough room to turn around so I will just drive backwards down the dirt road, if nothing else Liam will get a kick out of it. Well all is well till we start to slide the ABS brakes kick in and we slide off into a ditch and get stuck..damn front wheeled drive cars. So I reverse and forward and try to rock up out of the ditch to no avail, finally a pickup passes and a bunch of kids ask if I need help. They try to tow me out and the rope breaks, so they have a wench and wench me out...ahh welcome to Sidney where they don't plow, salt, or sand the roads and where 4WD is a necessity.

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Lynisha said...

Oh my! I shouldn't laugh, but I am! Welcome to Sidney! They don't plow the streets - except sometimes, but by then the snow has been driven on and packed down for 5 or more days and it's rather pointless! Yes, 4wd or at least all wheel drive is a BIG PLUS around here! (I found THAT out the same way as you, just after we moved here and we had a 2wd little pickup, but I was on the interstate, 70 miles away, alone with NO CELL PHONE!)