Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Concouring Sidney in a Day

So this morning we headed out to the bank. Yes you actually go in to the bank and talk to a human, they handwrite out a reciept for a deposit!! Next stop is the TrueValue for a key, then the local coffee/book shop (which is adorable, and super cheap!), next to check out the kids consignment shop, then to storytime at the Library, the local craft store to get some stickers then off ot pick up Papa for lunch...
Note to Self: Might not want to do all the days errands in one day :)

I also connected with a DS Mama today!! And a woman from MOPS! Both have similar aged kids and were again super nice. Small town living just might be fun.
I also got a cool new pacifier to try and review in the mail :)

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