Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mountain Buggy

Ok so I LOVE Jennifer at Mountain Buggy, she is the best. I bought the double mountain buggy back in July 09 for super deal, then went to use it in Feb and the thing has a bunch of issues. It's way past the return date and so I decide to call them. Well after a few calls a few pictures, and a few emails I am getting a brand spaking new 2010 Duo, complete with double canopies and bumper car! Yippie!!
This may seem like nothing but if you are a stroller junkie like I am this is amazing!!
I originally bought the Urban Jungle Duo the European model that has the single sunhood, no bumper bar and the fixed handlebar at a closeout deal, and now I am getting the new one with the added extras :)
Customer Service at it's best, nothing like SHAWS...(see previous Shaws post Jan 28)

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