Monday, March 8, 2010

On the Hunt

So yesterday I notice there is a little red mark on Liam's toe and I think..hmm maybe the shoes are too tight? This catches me off guard, I am usually back-stocked in clothes shoes jackets etc, but I thought I was good for shoes till summer when I'd grab him a pair of Crocs.
I hate having to go buy something WHEN I need it.. I usually like to search for things all year long and buy things at super deals or on clearance because I hate to pay full price. My husband is just the opposite, he says well if he needs them go get them. Argh I am thinking oh no RETAIL prices, so we are off to Wrentham where I remembered they had good deals on Converse All Stars.
So with both little ones in the car and sacrificing nap's today I head to Wrentham in search of a bargain!

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