Friday, April 2, 2010

I love my JOB!

So I've been having kind of a hard time adjusting to having 2 little kids and the newest having colic, but things are starting to turn around!
Warmer weather means less time inside and less of me saying do not and more of me saying nice job, and I am so proud.
This week has been great! Liam has made me so proud with his behavior and the little person he is turning into! It is amazing the things that come out of this adventurous daring lovable 2 year old, I sometimes think to myself where did he learn that and oh my gosh you are sooo smart. Then I think to myself wow, he is the person he is because of the mother I have been to him. We have had a rough few months but all in all I think he will turn out OK :)
Little Miss Emma have challenged me since the day you entered this world. Such a beautiful little peanut with such BIG demands. The first 3 months with you were enough to send anyone off the deep end, but we hung in and I think we are both getting to learn and adjust to one another! The last few weeks you have been a bundle of smiles and love, I hope you turn out just as wonderful and loving as your big brother!
I am truly blessed with such beautiful amazing children, wonderful family and friends and most of all an AMAZING loving caring wonderful husband and father to our children.
I have been an emotional roller coaster these past few months and I am finally feeling like myself again. Thank you for sticking by me and reminding me of the great person I am, you make me strive to be a better mother for our children. Thank you for working so hard and giving me the life I have always wanted.
Ok enough emotional rambling :) I just needed to get it out and down, so the next time I am having a bad day I can read this and remind myself of all I am thankful for and all that I have.

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