Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kid Friendly Stores Rock!

How do you get to browse in quaint Salem stores with your 2 kids 2 and under?
You go to Super Cool Kid Friendly Stores with a Super Cool Mama and her 2!
It starts at the Front Street Coffeehouse where they hold the door open for not one but 2 double strollers then show us where the house basket of kids toys and books is. We grab something to drink and let the kids partake in a mini playdate. Next it is off to Seed Stitch where the super cool owner brings her 3 year old to work, has a basket of toys and Nemo playing. We get some knitting help, order some things and fondle some yarn. Next it is off to Modern Millies where we browse some vintage clothes from yesteryear while the littlest ones nap and the little ones play in the dressing room with vintage sunglasses and bracelets. The final stop is the Army Navy Store...
Such a simple day yet so fun and relaxing! Thank you to all the Kid Friendly Stores and Wonderful Friends

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