Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I Just might be Committed

Ok so it starts off with Emma screaming at 3:00am..we are trying the CIO so we let it go, and go, and go. At 4:30am we look in on her and she has jammed herself up against the end of the cradle, and has become unswaddled. Next at 5:00am we have Liam screaming so I let him go, until the banging on the crib begins, which I can not and will not tolerate so I go in, and the smell of poop is overwhelming. I change him put him back in the crib with a book and the night light on and tell him it is still night time. He talks and whimpers and doesn't go back to sleep so I get up at 5:45 with him, while I leave Emma cooing and stretching with Paul. We go to a playdate this morning and both my kids were less than perfect..meaning Iwas on Liam's case because he was overtired wouldn't share and was grabby. Emma was fussy and overtired as was I. We head home at noon, and this my friends is where the monster in me comes out!! We are on 93 and Liam is screaming throwing portions of his turkey roll up around the back of the car and kicking my seat repeatedly. I tell him nicely to stop, I scream at him to stop, I grab his leg forcefully and hold it down telling him to stop, all the while Emma is sleeping until he starts hitting her carseat and she starts screaming. I pull over in the breakdown lane, get out get in the back seat and scream at him that I am trying to drive and I know he is tired but he NEEDS to LISTEN and not act like a small animal. I get back in the car we get home and in the driveway and he decides he wants to ride in his car. Now Emma is screaming Liam is tossing a fit because he can't get in the car and I know Mochie is waiting inside to go out. We finally get in, Emma is in her cradle screaming, Liam is in his bed yelling and I am about to lose it! Now 15 minutes later all is quiet. I try to pick up a little check my email get on the time sucker Facebook and 1/2 hour later Liam is awake crying and screaming. It is now almost 3pm and he will not go back to sleep yet he SOO needs it and I need to take a quick nap to or else....please child for your sake and my sanity shut your eyes and GO TO SLEEP!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you. Hope things get better later today. G