Monday, November 8, 2010

Current Cty: Sidney NE Pop 6,000

Go West Young Koch's
So Monday morning comes and the kids and I board a plane to Denver. Plane ride goes smoothly and the kids did great. We get our bags and embark on the next chapter in our lives and take the 3 hour drive to Sidney Ne.
So now coming from Boston we are in the car 10-20 minutes max per outing so 3 hours in the car was a LONG time for my kids, the are we there yet and screaming started about 1 minutes in, thankfully there was a Starbucks ;)
The temp housing we are in is ok, the place is 3 bedrooms and fully furnished with all the necessities you'd use in 1 day, i.e. 4 plates 4 spoons 4 towels etc. :) All in all it is fine and it is our place to call home for the next few months or until our place sells.

Liam is in LOVE, there are John Deere's everywhere and the railroad runs through the town.

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