Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This blog hits the nail on the head!


I unfortunately slap, spank and grab when I am going to snap which is about every day with my 2 month old, my 23 months old and just 4 year old. My husband moved me from Boston (right in the city) where I grew up and had support to middle of nowhere Sidney NE where there is NOTHING to do, not even a target within 2 hours! With the 3rd baby I was on bedrest there were baby and placenta complications, we moved temporarily back to Boston for the birth since the hospital is 3 hours away, then moved back here after the baby’s birth, and bought a house and moved. We still have not sold our house so it is a financial BURDEN to have the 2 houses. I am at my whits end and feel like I am always snapping (similar to my upbringing) and creating a horrible environment for my children. Plus all the comments to me from family and working out of the home Mom’s about “how lucky I am to stay home” This article was good and gives me some coping tips to try when everyone is ALWAYS crying and whining at my house :( Seriously are everyone’s kids needy and unhappy ALL the time??

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