Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boston and I are Once Again in Love

So I need to go to PaperSource to get invitation making goods for Emma's Christening and I to Wellesley or venture into the city again and hit the one on Boylston Street. I chose the city :) We head down to the T and wait for the train, we hear a voice call out and it's our friends who also have kids the same age heading over to the Public Gardens!! Yippie, the boys sit together on the train, I lug the stroller up the stairs but this time I have a fellow Mama holding onto Liam. Arlington T stop is complete and now includes an elevator!! We all get out, walk through the Commons, the Public Gardens, watch the swan boats, chase squirrels, feed the ducks, check out Make Way for Ducklings, the Frog Pond and the Playground, all before hitting PaperSource! The day is amazing and once again I find my love of Boston and for a moment I think...I might miss this place....

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