Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stroller Addiction

Well as we all know and I completely admit and will someday seek medical help for I have a stroller addiction. I have A LOT of strollers and if I hear about one or see a good deal on one I usually jump on it and now I have completely justified it!
I grab my work horse of a double stroller, we head down to the store to recycle and I think WOW these cans are heavy cause the stroller is a bitch to push and only on Emma's side. After recycling it is still so hard to push on her side so I look down and notice I have a flat. Argh, I head home grab the pump and pump up the tire, good as new (so I think). We head out on our run and about a block from our house I feel like I am pushing 200 verses the 100 pounds I am already pushing, only to look down and see the flat again, so I pump up and run home. Not too big of a deal I'll get a new tube, however I have a dentist appointment tomorrow am and it is almost 5:30 now, no time to get a new tube before I need to go to the dentist tomorrow. Luckily I have more than one double stroller :) Can you imagine Liam running lose while we take the T into the city then again while I get my teeth cleaned. Ah Justifying my addiction and proving that it is not an addiction but a purchase of need and practicality :)

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